To byu our standard crane cabin is always a great decision! Standard crane cabin with additional option fits both parts customer and ours. 
A new strong cab with bulletproof glasses 18mm for a crane at shred metal facility in Germany.
Crane operator control unit KP-8, equipped with heater 2x2 kW - is a great solution for winter time! Buy rotary operator control chair unit from PetroKab! 
Crane cabin for our regular European customer. With roof A/C system and control chair unit included.  
Whatever color you want for our cabins! We are glad to provide all the customer's need. By the way RAL 9001 is really elegant! 
Petrokab LLC produces control chair units. One of the model - Control chair unit "Compact". It consists of the best components - low price, ergonomically design and really compact sizes.…
Please, do not hasitate to make order for several chair-units at once! We are really pleased to receive big orders! 
This E-house was made from steel 2mm thicknes outside and stainless steel 0,8mm +
Petrokab LLC has just finished production of crane cabin for the one of its best customer from Germany. The cabin includes control chair unit KP-4, A/C split system according to…
PetroKab LLC wants to make your day with a news, that we can provide our customers with an excellent drilling cabins for a reasonable price!  Looking forward for your requests! 
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