The best solution for your lifting equipment is PetroKab cabin with platform. Make your step right with our managers. 
Petrokab LLC is producing crane cabins since 2007.
PetroKab wish all the best for Easter Holiday! 
The individual project of crane cabin for gantry crane. Project for the chemical plant at Russia. High quality of work its reason why big industrial plants in Russia and Europe…
The cabin totally equipped with electric elements. We montage joysticks and buttons at control consoles according to electric scheme
PetroKab chair-unit ZR-12 for crane cabin is the best decision for your project. Operator control chair ZR-12 for our regular customer. 
The army of control chair units "Compact". For one of our regular customer in Europe.    
This is one of the first cab that we totally equipped with elecrical equipment. 2 months of hard work and here it is!
To byu our standard crane cabin is always a great decision! Standard crane cabin with additional option fits both parts customer and ours. 
A new strong cab with bulletproof glasses 18mm for a crane at shred metal facility in Germany.
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