We present to your attention a new project of the crane cabins specifically for our customer!
Order of the three operator's crane cabins for the customer from the Netherlands
Dear visitors of our site!We present to your attention the crane cabins complete with the operator's seats installed.
Company PetroKab manufactured and shipped container for electric equipments / E-house.
Crane cabins for semi gantry crane 125t were delivered on the 29-th May.
We bring to your attention two crane cabins, which were designed and produced in a short time by the company PetroKab.
Dear Sir / Madam, We bring to your attention the pride of our production and an integral part of our company - the beloved employees of PetroKab.
Thank you for your visit to our site! Corporate vacation from July 24 to August 6!
We are glad to inform you that on May 12, 2017, four crane cabins of sea execution were shipped to the Dutch company!
We are glad to inform that we have manufactured cabins for the belt stationary conveyor.
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