Today "Petrokab" shipped two crane control cabins for our permanent partner "Dimet-M".
Excavator cabins set is divided into two functional parts: the first - working, and the second - for the recreation.
Crane cabins equipped with modern systems of creating comfortable working conditions of crane operators - air conditioning, operator control units,
The control cabin for derrick crane is specially designed to provide maximum visibility and spaciousness that allows crane operator to respond quickly to the changing environment.
Our plant made shipment of 3 cabins for gantry container cranes on railway transfer stations.
We shipped in Moscow a standard crane cabin version №3 with painting in colors of a crane manufacturer.
Today was shipped nonstandard operator control station KP-4-250 with short boxes, pedal and footrests for a comfortable control the crane.
The container is designed for accommodation inside it electrical equipment for control of the mining overhead crane.
Today was shipped party of crane cabins in quantity of 4 pieces for crane manufacturer in Kaliningrad.
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